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Content Readability

We all know how important it is to produce content that’s both relevant and performs well amongst your audience.

There’s a formula which looks at the average length of sentences, number of syllables and other variables to determine your content’s readability. The more your content is read and understood, the more it will resonate with a wider audience.

4 key areas to consider when achieving an accurate readability score are:
  • Know your audience: Adapt each post to who you’re aiming to target. Think about how technical you want your language to be depending on your audience.
  • Content Type: From videos to written content, even if both have the same Flesch Score, one may be far easier to consume. Remember your audience, are short videos with abbreviated vocabulary what you want to attract? Use multiple content types to attract a wide range of customers.
  • Content Genre: Entertainment, information, education and inspiration: Will the content make the party feel something or will it have a more serious tone? Have easy to process information? Contain feel-good stories? Will it educate whoever is reading?
  • Customer Journey: Which stage of the journey is the customer in? All the way from awareness to purchasing, should you vary your score or maintain the same score for the entirety?

You could boost the performance of your content by combining all 4 areas and have your B2B voice heard by many.

Maximise your B2B contents readability

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