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The 4 Content Genres

Understanding the genre that your content fits into will help you to plan your content calendar and engage your audience.

Information can be engaging in different ways and it is important that organisations reach their customers and prospects with material that appeals to them through multiple genres.

Most organisation will provide content that fits into the information genre – usually facts and news about their products or industry. However, entertaining your audience is the fastest way to build and engage them whilst promoting your brand.

Likewise, inspiring content that promotes better ways, and educational content that teaches your audience new things is also a positive way to reach greater numbers and become an authority in your space.

Having a varied and engaging content calendar sets you apart from your competition.

For exclusive insight about content genres and how you they can assist with improving your content in 2023, you can read our free guide below.

Deeper than at first glance:

How the 4 Genres could increase the standard of your content
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