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What Go Beyond
means to us

We make others look good

Whether you are a customer, colleague or partner, we strive to help and support, to make you successful and stand out, without ego getting in the way.

We make their problems go away

It might be an unexpectedly tight deadline, a last-minute change; whatever the challenge you are facing, we always strive to take the burden and help you achieve your plans and goals.

We will spend it like it’s our own

This applies to time as well as money – when planning campaigns or projects we always approach it with the view of “Would we do this with our own…?” and build plans that are right for you and your goals.

We will go the extra mile (or kilometer)

We will always seek to go above and beyond – be that amends to creative work, attending meetings, answering an urgent email. Given we work with a range of global brands, who might work in miles or KMs, this is a nod to one size (or measure) doesn’t fit all.

We do what we say

Simple; if we say we will do something (for a colleague, customer or partner) we do it. We do it well and we do it on time.

We believe experience is not a monopoly on good ideas

The oldest or longest serving doesn’t always know best. The best and brightest of ideas can come from anyone and anywhere. We aim to allow everyone a place to ask, input and suggest, with the aim being a continually better product or service or outcome.

IMG's Core

Discover what our motto “Go Beyond” means to us and how it propels everything we do for our clients, partners and colleagues. Our core values drive our business forward. From fostering innovation to prioritizing integrity, our commitment to excellence ensures unparalleled service and trustworthiness in every interaction.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hotel Chocolat

10+ years of full suite data solutions. Useful insight through profiling and analytics tools. Create multi-channel private prospect database that achieves a positive ROI.


Very pleased. Provided us with specialist Fleet Business data. A unique multi source prospect marketing database enabling us to acquire high quality new customers.


Delighted. Experience, a can-do attitude and very high service. Improved and enriched our data, offered store mapping & analysis and always deliver on time.


The best, most experienced team. Data and IT install intelligence to enable us to target the right companies & decision makers. Always within budget.


Our preferred B2B data solutions partner. Exceeded in interpreting requirements and quality Global data solutions. Structures to support our team, particularly across international markets.

  • Maximize Existing Resources
  • Save Time and Money
  • Data-led Growth
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Head Office:
17 Stephenson Court, Fraser Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK44 3WJ, United Kingdom

Lodge 18a, Dunston Business Village, Stafford Road, Penkridge, ST18 9AB, United Kingdom

T:  +44 (0) 1234 831000