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Who we are

We are a global, end-to-end modern growth partner. Our purpose is to improve efficiencies and impact for our clients. We go further than expected, we deliver more than defined, we always go beyond.

What we do

We focus on our three core specialisms of data, technology and content. We help maximise the effectiveness of your marketing activity by supporting the whole of your customer journey. We help power your growth.


ABM Data

We provide targeted ABM data for B2B customers to enable them to take the right action at the right time with the right customer.

Tailored Data

We believe customers should have data tailored to their own requirements. Using multiple blended data books, we create accurate bespoke lists.


We support with more than just data. We produce key insight reports to assist in data strategy and design to maximise campaign effectiveness.


Tech Stack

We help our customers to review and analyse their tech stack, identify and acquire marketing technology and support the health development of their martech stack.


Technology is changing at a rapid pace. We help our customers to review and optimise their existing technology to get the very best from their investment.


Most modern marketing teams have multiple software solutions. We support our clients to build an integration strategy that allows data to flow accurately through all systems.



By understanding their data and technology, we support our customers to produce a marketing strategy that is impactful and comfortably executed, removing unknown.

Content Creation

We support our customer’s asset requirements by providing design, content and video for complex campaigns that have maximum impact on their customers.

Content Design

We create truly optimised marketing campaigns for our content that support business goals and achieve incredible results, going far beyond standard creative.



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Whatever it takes, we go beyond

Intermedia Global provide end-to-end operational solutions to increase efficiencies, effectiveness and engagement for our clients.
From data to content using world class technology.
Whatever it takes, we go beyond.


Very pleased. Provided us with specialist Fleet Business data. A unique multi source prospect marketing database enabling us to acquire high quality new customers.


Delighted. Experience, a can-do attitude and very high service. Improved and enriched our data, offered store mapping & analysis and always deliver on time.

Hotel Chocolat

10+ years of full suite data solutions. Useful insight through profiling and analytics tools. Create multi-channel private prospect database that achieves a positive ROI.


The best, most experienced team. Data and IT install intelligence to enable us to target the right companies & decision makers. Always within budget.


Our preferred B2B data solutions partner. Exceeded in interpreting requirements and quality Global data solutions. Structures to support our team, particularly across international markets.