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AI-powered content intelligence

There has been heavy debate lately surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as ChatGPT. Whilst some believe it could be an invaluable tool to make life easier for us, others disagree and suggest there are still too many flaws with our current AI capabilities, meaning they still make mistakes and have human bias present.

AI has been transforming the way we work, learn and interact, so it is no surprise then that AI is now being applied to content marketing as well. Content intelligence is a powerful tool that enables business to create content faster and more effectively than ever before.

We will take a look at the use of AI and automation to unlock the power of content intelligence, the different tools, and how it can help make your content smarter.

What Is Content Intelligence?

Content intelligence is the process of making data-driven decisions about your content based on analysis of existing data. It is built using AI that helps companies gain insights into which topics resonate with their audience, what keywords are trending in their industry, and which types of content formats perform best for their particular audience.

It is an invaluable tool for any B2B business looking to maximise the effectiveness of their content strategy.

AI Tools for Content Intelligence:

There are several tools available that leverage AI to help marketers make data-driven decisions about their content. For example, Google Analytics can be used to track user engagement over time and identify trends in website traffic that can inform future decisions about what type of content should be created or promoted.

Additionally, there are a variety of natural language processing (NLP) tools available that can help marketers analyse sentiment around specific topics or products to better understand customer needs or pain points and automated tagging tools can be used to quickly categorise large volumes of content into topics or categories for easy tracking and analysis over time.

AI tools that can make your content smarter:

• Content Discovery Tools

Content discovery is a process by which customers and online users search through, find content and engage with your brand’s content using social media, your website, etc.

Content discovery tools use AI to search through vast amounts of data to uncover insights and trends in your industry. These tools allow you to find new topics, keywords, and ideas related to your business that you may not have been aware of before.

This gives you a better understanding of what topics are resonating with your audience so you can create more relevant and engaging content. Content discovery tools also provide an opportunity to identify influencers in your space who could potentially help promote your content or products.

• Data Analysis Tools

Analysis tools use AI to examine content performance metrics such as reach, engagement, sentiment and more. These tools offer valuable insights into customer behaviour which can be used to adjust strategies and improve future campaigns.

For instance, if you find that certain types of posts do better than others on social media, you can adjust accordingly to maximise engagement and reach with each post. Analysis tools also enable you to track the effectiveness of various marketing tactics so you can determine what works best for your business.

• Content Optimisation Tools

Content optimisation tools use AI technology to automatically optimise existing content for specific channels or audiences. For instance, 71% of marketers still only use keywords as their primary SEO strategy. However, these tools can help ensure that every piece of content is optimised for SEO by identifying opportunities for keyword placement or suggesting relevant internal links that will boost rankings on search engines.

They also let marketers tailor content according to different platforms; this means that one piece of content could be adjusted for Facebook Ads, while another is optimised for organic Google searches without needing manual edits from a marketer each time something needs updating or changing across multiple channels.

Content intelligence plays an important role in helping B2B marketers create personalised experiences for their customers while driving engagement and ROI (Return on Investment) from their campaigns.

By leveraging powerful data analysis tools and AI technology, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behaviour so they can adjust their strategies as needed and ensure they are creating the most effective content possible.

You can also drive growth for your business over time by correctly employing a lead generation strategy.
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