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Workfront recognised as work management leaders

Adobe Workfront has been named a leader in the Forrester Wave report [1], and, to us at IMG, it is no surprise. This work management platform offers you scalability, efficiency, and comprehensive features to make managing your work that much easier.

How Adobe Workfront stands out:

As your business grows, it can come with its challenges, one of them being an effective work management system. Workfront has been recognised as a leader in the Forrester report due to its unique scalability capabilities that ensure you do not have to change systems when adding team members or tasks, Workfront will scale with you seamlessly. It can help you manage large teams easily, so no matter how many people are on your team, communication remains streamlined and efficient.

Workfront gives you the extra edge to unlock valuable insights and automate processes, allowing for faster identification of trends and new opportunities.

With this platform, you can also automate mundane tasks that would otherwise require manual effort, saving you time and allows you to focus their energy on more pressing tasks.  Additionally, they can customise workflows to suit their specific needs – which helps keep everyone on track with minimal effort.

Here is what Kate Frost, our MOps Consultant had to say about the report:

“Since the acquisition by Adobe, I think that’s just improved.”

Our Technical Services Director, Richard Leek, also said:

“It allows multiple teams and department to collaborate together.”

Improvements That Can Be Made

  • Workfront could improve their agile functionality; they offer Kanban views but currently these do not present as many agile features as they could do. More advanced filtering options, for example, could really advance this area of the system.
  • Additionally, improvements could be made to the calendar views which would make it easier for social media planning to be handled within the system. It is currently possible but this requires a more bespoke setup.

Overall, Adobe Workfront is an excellent work management solution for those who need a scalable platform that offers comprehensive solutions such as analytics and automation capabilities.

While there are areas where improvements can be made, there is no denying that this platform has earned its place as a leader in the Forrester Wave report thanks to its reliable performance and helpful features that streamline work management processes.

If you are looking for a powerful tool to help manage your team’s workflow efficiently, then Adobe Workfront may be what you are looking for.

Or talk to us about Workfront and the wider world of work management systems and how we can help you select and implement the right tool or optimise your current approach.

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