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A diverse marketing plan is key to reaching your target audience and boosting your business. Here is why you need a mix of tactics in your marketing arsenal.

Tech giants are driving the digital landscape worldwide, their impact influences businesses around the world. With announcements made at the end of 2022 that thousands of jobs will be cut and huge changes will be made to their platforms [1], it has left B2B marketers wondering how these decisions could impact them.

One of the changes that Twitter has recently made is how they now display content due to updates to its algorithm. For some, engagement levels have dropped as a result.

Some external factors affecting your business are out of our control and simply cannot be foreseen. However, there are ways in which you can prepare yourself for challenges that emerge in the future.

With potentially unpredictable changes and updates to platforms, diversifying your marketing strategy is a great way to be as prepared as possible for the future.

Having a well-rounded marketing strategy is essential to help you stay ahead of any potential changes. Diversifying your approach can help avoid obstacles if one platform or channel suddenly alters or becomes obsolete and ensures that you remain visible to customers.

What does it mean to have a diversified marketing strategy?

It means having a mix of different marketing channels and tactics that you use to reach your target audience.

That might include things like content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and even traditional advertising. By having a mix of different channels, you are less likely to be affected if one suddenly changes or goes away.

For example, if you are a B2B marketer who relies heavily on LinkedIn for lead generation, you might use LinkedIn to post articles, run ads, participate in groups, and send direct messages to potential customers. However, what would happen if LinkedIn suddenly decided to remove its article feature or significantly reduce the reach of your posts?

If you do not have any other way to reach your target audience, you may find yourself in trouble. Having a diversified marketing strategy that is comprised of multiple channels, would mean that you would not be as affected. You would still be able to reach your target audience and generate leads, even if one platform makes changes.

4 benefits to having a diverse marketing strategy:

1. Reach a Wider Audience

Open your business up to reaching more people who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer. By branching out into different areas, you can expand your reach even further and uncover new prospects.

To achieve maximum visibility, consider a multi-pronged approach by mixing social media with paid advertising such as Pay Per Click (PPC) and display ads; optimise your website for SEO purposes or tap into more niche demographics by utilising influencer marketing. This way you can reach out to an even larger audience than before.

In addition, diversifying across multiple channels also allows prospects to find you through various touchpoints throughout their buyer’s journey.

2. Credibility and Authority

Another benefit of diversifying your B2B marketing efforts is that it strengthens the credibility and authority of your brand by demonstrating expertise in different areas or topics related to what you are promoting.

When prospects see that you are well-versed in multiple aspects of the industry they are interested in, they will be left with a sense that they can trust what you are offering them.

This helps build loyalty among current customers whilst also attracting new ones who are impressed by the breadth of knowledge within your team or organisation.

3. Test and Learn

The data associated with each type of marketing effort will provide invaluable insight into customer behaviour and buying patterns so that you can continuously refine your approach for maximum efficiency.

For instance, if organic search traffic is not performing as well as expected, tracking data from PPC campaigns might reveal potential opportunities for improvement that could lead to better overall results across all channels once implemented correctly.

Diversification also enables testing different approaches, which makes it easier for marketers to identify which strategies work best for their target customers.

4. Diversify From the Inside Out

Having a diverse Marketing team can help your business in multiple ways. First, if you are able to tap into different backgrounds and expertise, then you can produce content and campaigns that are more inclusive and relevant.

This makes it easier for customers across cultures, ages, gender identities, etc, to connect with what you are saying.

Additionally, building a team with different kinds of experience allows for fresh ideas which can help make sure that your message remains timely and on-trend in an ever-evolving landscape.

To ensure your business is always well-positioned , now is the time to start diversifying your marketing strategy.

By having multiple avenues available for customer communication and outreach, you can quickly adapt in response to changing demands or unexpected opportunities.

It is important to remember that any successful B2B marketing strategy requires research and planning before implementation in order for it to reach its full potential. When done correctly though diversification it can be one of the most powerful tools available for B2B marketers looking to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape.

If your business is looking for more ways to remain visible even during a downturn, you can read our article Keep the brand going.’

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