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Our favourite Christmas adverts

It is that festive time of year when brands put such immense consideration into Christmas adverts in an endeavour to have us reminisce on our youth and fill us with overwhelming emotions by using heart-warming or thought-provoking storylines.

Every year there is always heavy contest amongst brands to be recognised as the most loved Christmas advert; John Lewis and M&S being two of the most noteworthy brands in this competition. We expect something original each year, or at least a spin on an original to give us a sense of friendly familiarity.

Our team at IMG have shared their favourite Christmas TV adverts and why they enjoy them so much…

Steve, CEO

Day 1

IRN-BRU (2011) – voted Scotland’s most memorable Christmas advert in 2021

“The IRN-BRU advert was really comical and had a great play on the classic original of The Snowman.”

Sarah, MOps Consultant

Day 2

Original Toys ‘R’ Us Christmas advert 1989

“As a kid, I knew it was Christmas as soon as I heard the advert. We didn’t have much, but we never went without at Christmas, we would only ever go once a year and that was in November for me and my brother to look at toys. As a child it seemed like such a magical place.”

Harri, Customer Programme Exec

Day 3

Have your elf a merry Christmas Asda 2022

“This is one of my favourites because it does such a great job at telling a whole story within just a couple of minutes. They really capture the Christmas spirit.”

Kate, MOps Consultant

Day 4

John Lewis advert with Monty the penguin 2014

“At one of my old jobs, the studio I was part of made a Xmas video every year – just for the team to see. One of our designers dressed up as a penguin, everyone had a part, shot scenes in the team’s houses and all over the local area. It is one of my favourite memories with great people. It brought the entire team together in a way we wouldn’t normally be able to.”

Steve, CEO

Day 5

KFC UK Christmas advert from 2018

“A clever way of making the point about how turkey is only popular for a few days in the year whereas chicken is all year round. It has nice pastiche of the classic western movies too.”

Olivia, Head of Partnerships

Day 6

Disney From our family to yours 2020

“I love this advert not only because it’s a heartfelt message of family traditions, but having been lucky enough to grow up visiting Disney World. It reminds me of very fond memories spent with my family – first with my parents and brothers, my Grandparents and now as my family grows, I can share the Disney magic with my husband and our son, whom we bought his own Mickey Mouse toy too!”

Amelia, Copywriter

Day 7

John Lewis The boy and the piano from 2018

“The Elton John commercial is my second favourite ad. It was interesting to travel back in time to see different fashion trends through the years. It’s always nice to see how far we’ve come.”

Neil, Chair

Day 8

Yellow Pages Mistletoe advert 1992

“It reminds me of the very happy 5 years I spent at Yellow Pages which catapulted my career in advertising and senior management. They’re what brought me to be where I am today.”

Harri, Customer Programme Exec

Day 9

John Lewis & WaitrosEdgar the dragon 2019

“This is one of my favourites because it does such a great job at telling a whole story within just a couple of minutes. They really capture the Christmas spirit.”

Kaylee, Mops Consultant

Day 10

The Big Night Sainsbury’s advert 2018

“The song makes me think of my childhood and instantly makes me happy. I love the way the star gets a boost of confidence mid-way through; it’s  about giving it all you’ve got for the ones we love. My nieces and nephews perform their Christmas plays it’s a huge part of the holidays for me, so seeing it on an advert brings makes me very happy. It’s not a sad advert but it always makes me cry from longing to be a kid again where the biggest worry was sorting out my costume for the school play.”

Steve, CEO

Day 11

Allegro “English for beginners” advert released in 2016

Just beautiful, a lovely heart-warming story about a man learning English for a loved one. It is as emotional and heart-warming as a Christmas advert can get. I’m not crying you are!

Amelia, Copywriter

Day 12

John Lewis Buster the Boxer Christmas 2016

“Buster the Boxer has to be one of my favourite John Lewis adverts, it ticks all the right boxes; it has cute animals, the nostalgia of waking up on Christmas morning and a heart-warming finishing touch.”
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