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How to choose a Digital Asset Management system

51% of marketers waste their precious time and money recreating unused or missing assets. It can be hard to find harmony in your brand with there being 100’s of options out there. So, do you have a DAM, or need a DAM? Do you even know what a DAM is?

What is a digital asset management system?

A digital asset is a piece of content that is stored digitally and they come in many forms such as pictures, videos and documents. The majority of what we do in a day produces digital footprints of many kinds and it can be hard to find a way to organise and manage them.

All a DAM system does is make the process of organising assets and centralises your content to make it organised both visually and strategically. You’ll be able to find, store, organise, retrieve and distribute your digital content all from one place. For example, some DAM’s can convert a video or recording’s spoken words so that you can search for them more easily.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you choose a Digital Asset Management system:

  • Why do I need a DAM? – What problems do I need to solve?
  • Who will be using the DAM? – Who’s uploading documents? Who’s using assents from your DAM?
  • What assets will be managed? – Who are the users and will it be used companywide?
  • How will the DAM meet those needs? – How will users access the platform and how will the search functionality work in your system?

Whether or not you have DAM that needs updating or you’re getting DAM for the first time, user adoption is the most vital aspect that can save you time and money in the future.

To understand more about how to choose the right Digital Asset Management system that’s catered just for you, you can download our guide below, or contact us to discuss more with one of our experts.

Make some time to give a DAM:

How to choose a Digital Asset Management System
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