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Creativity in B2B Marketing, including Virtual Reality

By 01/03/2016February 26th, 2024No Comments

We are all a little giddy with excitement in the office this week. As we prepare to curate a series of events for a client that uses Virtual Reality – a Technology Vendor has entrusted us to find an innovative way to engage their IT partners via a nationwide roadshow, we were delighted to see this broader showcase of just how creative the B2B Marketing sector can be.

Rather more than latching on to a gimmick, our use of Google Cardboard not only overcomes an initial challenge posed to us, namely the unpredictable nature of the UK weather! Not only does this use of cutting-edge technology allow us to deliver an engaging experience for the audience, but it reduces the physical footprint we need to run the event (compared to previous versions of the programme over the years) and leaves each attendee with a takeaway they can use long after we pack up and leave – VR apps are plentiful and free to download for a range of mobile devices these days.

The Drum: B2B Creative Works Special 

We’ll report back further on how this groundbreaking programme goes, but for now have a read of further evidence of how creativity our sector can be.

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