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A suite of B2B lead generation solutions that deliver great results for our worldwide clients

The foundation of our Lead Generation services is the high-quality data. Using our UK based multi-lingual outbound b2b contact centre, we conduct bespoke client contact discovery and lead generation services.
Our Lead generation solutions extend beyond just the call centre campaigns that are solely focused on customer acquisition. This ranges from basic contact discovery – where we can consider/company level data from a client and then research relevant decision makers – to a range of qualified lead generation and nurturing.

Quality is paramount. As a result, we ensure careful quality control processes are put in place, ongoing data checking and cross-checking with senior agents, team leaders and the Head of Call Centre Operations. (double feedback loop to optimise quality of data supplied).
All projects must start with a trial and are evaluated in real -time. You can amend scripts, change strategy and re-focus your target audience in order to achieve the best results.

Accuracy guarantees and replacement policy

Due to the nature of research data it is supplied with 100% accuracy guarantee. Any contact data supplied that is found to be inaccurate by you within 45 days, would be re-researched and replaced at no extra charge.

Find out more about each program here:

1. Contact Discovery
2. Customer Acquisition & Lead generation
3. Content Syndication
4. Intent based leads
5. Appointment Setting
6. Customer Retention & Win Back Programs
7. Delegate Acquisition

Contact Discovery

Valuable time and resources are wasted when you are marketing to the wrong audience. This is a common problem which we help many of our clients overcome with our specialist B2B list provision. For instance, does this person have the purchasing power? Are they the decision maker? If not, who are the people we do need to talk to? Whereby B2B list provision is targeted on role, industry and other factors, some clients want to add another level to their list building with pre-qualified contacts.

Customer acquisition & Lead generation

Working with either existing customer data or utilising a third-party database of target accounts (supplied by us or elsewhere) we can research and identify key decision-making contacts within those organisations. Our highly skilled call centre team are trained to navigate gate keepers and retrieve the best permission-based information possible.

The intelligence gained enables your business to build highly targeted marketing databases and specifically tailored strategies, that will provide greater return on investment results than cold, non-qualified prospecting. The contacts retrieved through this service are bespoke and relevant to your requirements, rather than utilising contacts that are available from ‘off the shelf databases’.

Content Syndication

Obtain guaranteed marketing qualified leads that have shown interest in learning more about your business via a cost-per-lead pricing model.
Your brand assets are delivered to a refined targeted audience based on filters such as geography, industry, company size and job title or to a target account list. Assets must then be downloaded and forms completed in order to qualify each lead before delivery to you The prospect opts-in to receive further communications from you and your sales teams. Leads are validated for accuracy then delivered to you on a weekly basis.

Intent-based leads

Target businesses that are more likely to be in-market to purchase by leveraging our trusted first party data including install and community signals before syndicating content.

Appointment Setting

Lead generation is split into 4 tiers. The lowest being simple contact identification, the highest being appointment setting.

Appointment setting offers the greatest return on investment. Our highly trained multilingual call centre agents strive to create new business opportunities for you; acting as an extension of your sales team. With a desired target audience specified, we can provide a database of the most appropriate industries and/or companies ensuring we reach the correct decision makers to which to promote your services. We gain measurable results with agreed call to actions.

  • Tier 1 – Appointment Setting – Face to face or consultation call based on confirmed interest.
  • Tier 2 – BANT Qualified – Confirmed interest in your product/service and likely in the market to buy. (Budget, Authority, Need & Timeframe)
  • Tier 3 – Information Requests – Qualified as interested in receiving information about your products/services
  • Tier 4 – Contact Discovery – Identifying appropriate decisions makers in an organisation.

Customer Retention & Win-back Programmes

As vital as customer acquisition is, it’s important not to neglect any customer retention programs you have. Businesses suffer when they focus all of their efforts on customer acquisition instead of a balance of the two.
The customer retention programs provided are designed to keep existing customers informed and satisfied. Engaging with them, keeping them up-to-date on any news/offers from your business, ensuring you’re at the forefront of their mind when it comes to making another purchase.

Additionally, any of those customers who may not have purchased again, we offer win-back programs. These are aimed at regaining those all-important lapsed customers, the ones that got away.

While doing this, we make sure you have the correct and most up-to-date information available. This is vital when marketing to your most potentially profitable group of customers. If, for whatever reason, your data has aged and decayed (perhaps the contacts you had at that organisation have moved on) we update it with the latest and most relevant contacts.

Delegate Acquisition

Organising networking and conference events is a complex task, however filling those events with the right audiences is vital.

The people you fill your event with are essential to building any business network. Whether they are exhibitors, sponsors, visitors, speakers, press, they all create a business network to tap into. That is why it is so important to attract the right mix of companies and delegates to your events.

Intermedia Global offer a delegate acquisition program that specifically targets your desired industries and specific companies. From major International trade shows, product launches and specific vertical market sector events, we will tailor the service to meet your deadlines and budget and always deliver optimum results.

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